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Capacity building and community-based conservation are vital for long-term biodiversity protection. By providing training and resources, engaging communities, and tailoring efforts to their needs, we empower and promote sustainability, contributing to biodiversity preservation beyond individual communities.


Under this project, We focus on producing high-quality seedlings and providing exceptional planting services for individuals looking to create stunning and aesthetically pleasing gardens in Kigali or outside. GreenGoal Rwanda Initiative is ready to help you realize your aspirations. Please allow us to transform your garden into a work of art that will last a lifetime


Our approach combines agroforestry and fruit tree planting to restore degraded lands, aligning with the national's goal of increasing forest cover and providing farmers with diverse fruit species for nutrition. This comprehensive approach restores vegetation cover, restore degraded land, promotes agroforestry benefits, and supports sustainable land management, food security, and community livelihoods improvement.


Creating environmental sustainability clubs in secondary schools will be a good way of motivating youth to understand how their contribution can make a positive impact on environmental stability


Youth and women will be supported by being trained on how to produce good quality seedlings. Youth and women will be supported by being trained on how to produce good quality seedlings


Awareness campaign on endangered tree species in Rwanda through village festivals and Awarding peopl e who are champions in trees conservation