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GreenGoal Hub
Our Story

About GreenGoal Hub

GreenGoal Hub is a local social enterprise , involved in forest restoration and conservation of native tree species, offering independent and innovative ways of biodiversity conservation, Land restoration and native tree conservation.

We are professional environmentalists with knowledge related to land restoration and species conservation systems that deliver higher results and provision of the space for researchers who are interested in discovering the improvement needed in this sector through our botanical garden that has various native tree species.

Our Vision

Our greatest vision is to make a positive impact on our planet by creating a shelter for diverse animal species through planting more native tree species by focusing on forests and degraded land.Together we can reverse,Biodiversity loss and Species extinction and land degradation but most importantly to contribute to Kigali city free from pollution that mostly contribute to the global warming.

Why native tree species?

In Rwanda as well as other parts of the world we are facing environmental and ecological degradation due to the highest increase of the anthropogenic activities related to modernization where the ecology and landscapes are really suffering which could result in the biodiversity loss and If ecological services are no longer sufficient to meet social requirements, the loss of biodiversity may have serious direct effects on human health.

Why GreenGoal Hub?
  • Planting and conservation of indigenous and endangered species for the future generations
  • Creating space for researchers interested in native species conservation by equipping the botanical garden with different varieties tree species
  • Accelerating landscape restoration
  • conserve biodiversity by developing habitat for birds, butterflies, and pollinators
  • Creating awareness campaigns on endangered and threatened tree species in Rwanda
Our Approach

Establishing a permanent nursery that supports the district’s goal of increasing the forest cover to 2 Million ha by 2030. These trees are being planted at the prioritised sites selected with the help of local government by starting to the most degraded forests and land


Educating the community members about nature conservation but also contribute to the urban landscape restoration and create an attractive feature that would serve as a positive amenity for local people , visitors to Kigali city and hopefully in the near future, diverse animal species such as pollinator agents will find a shelter in the restored land or forests


We are also working with the schools in urban area for conservation awareness through creating environmental clubs and partner with them in tree planting so that students can start at their youngest ages to understand the benefit of taking care of our precious planet which is can not be irreplaceable


Additionally, We are incentivising farmers with fruit tree seedlings as a reward of planting and taking care of the trees planted on the land/Forests we are restoring that is located in their neighbourhood.We believe that this kind of green incentives will contribute to the improvement of their livelihood as well as contribute to urban pollution reduction


The native tree species are planted in our botanical garden of 10ha of land located in Gasabo district in Bumbogo sector with the intention of restoring this land and showcasing a variety of native tree species for conservation purpose of threatened or endangered species as they are at an alarming rate of extinction.This botanical garden will also serve as an educational facility for young researchers as well as an aesthetically beautiful garden that will attract community members to enjoy the hiking activities but most importantly,provision of essential ecosystem services like reducing air pollution, storing carbon, producing oxygen, and preventing runoff as well as climate change slow down