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Forest and Land Restoration Intervention

This project is implemented in partnership with Gasabo District and other partners. Our aim is to revitalize a 50-hectare forest that was completely degraded. To achieve this goal, we have taken on the noble task of implementing various measures, including the establishment of erosion control trenches due to the forest's location on a steep slope. Our primary objective is to conserve and protect native species, which we are diligently planting within the area undergoing restoration. Together with engaged community members, we are committed to reversing the degradation that has occurred in this forest over time.

By strategically creating trenches, our project targets to mitigate erosion and promote soil conservation, ensuring the long-term stability of the ecosystem. This approach not only safeguards the land but also creates a favourable environment for the successful growth and survival of native species. Currently, we have planted more than 15 species in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with the purpose of creating a beautiful area for future generations living around this forest.